Don't Buy without an inspection!


Get peace of mind before purchasing your home! 

EXTERIOR:  Driveway, walkways, foundation, siding, gutters and downspouts, roofing, overhangs and eves, windows and screens, doors. 
INTERIOR:  Ceilings, walls, attic, sinks, tubs, appliances, flooring condition, locks, windows, doors, electrical function test, AC and furnace function test, plumbing function test.  

YOU RECEIVE:  a detailed color report 24 hours after inspection is completed.  

We'll check the roof for leaks, damage and any other abnormalities. 

We'll inspect the electrical system to ensure it's functioning properly. 

We'll inspect the foundation for cracks, leaks and bulges.  The attic will also be inspected for sagging and structural integrity. 


"Thank you, Paul, for inspecting our home so quickly!  The inspection report you provided was very nice and also understandable."

Jenny, Omaha, NE

"I want to thank my home inspector for helping me make an informed purchase."

Christine, Omaha, NE

"Very nice report.  I feel much more confident making my purchase now that the house has been inspected." 

Angela, Harlan, IA