Top Defects Found in New Homes

Home Inspections are needed for new construction to older homes. Here are the top defects found in new home construction.

1. Foundation Clearance to Grade: The soil level around the house's perimeter should be a minimum of 6" below the brick and 8" below the siding or stucco exterior wall covering.

2. Attic Ventilation: Attics should be ventilated. This is to guard against moisture build-up and mold formation, as well as to extend the life of the roof covering.

3. Gutter and downspout placement: Upper roof downspouts should not drain directly on roof to lower downspouts. Excessive water from downspouts can destroy the lower roof and usually void the roof manufacturer's warranty.

4. Plumbing installation: Most plumbers work to keep the integrity of a new home construction, but some will do anything to get the pipes installed. Watch out for cut in floor joists, walls and foundations.

5. HVAC Duct Installation: Installation can be an afterthought, so installation is key.

6. Structural defects: Building a house is a complex business and it is imperative that if errors happen they are fixed properly.

7. Electrical Installation: New houses are built much larger and need large more complex electrical systems. Inspection of those systems needs to be properly done to make sure all is well.

8. Water Heaters: If these are not properly installed they can pose a big risk to a new home.

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